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Solid Single line wire sinks fast and is used when depth control is required. Our 302 is properly annealed and is the most economical choice when abrasion resistivity and corrosion resistance is a must. more >

For increased corrosion resistance especially in salt water our soft single strand 316 is an optimal selection. more>

East Coast's kink free, corrosion resistant dead soft monel is the ultimate option for the true angler. Monel is a higher density alloy so it sinks faster and stays deeper than any 300 series stainless. more >

The team at East Coast Fishing Wire is bringing over 50 years of experience in the wire industry to the water!

We are an American mill that manufactures high quality single strand line that will make your next catch feel effortless. It is our belief that the practical knowledge we have amassed over the years will lead to a superior trolling wire.

A true angler always feels good about their catch so why not feel good about the products you use to reel in those keepers.  Our customers can feel good about buying your stainless wire line from East Coast Fishing Wire as you are supporting hard working Americans. All our wire is made right here in the United States and we will continue to support the American work force.

Our main goal at East Coast Fishing Wire is to supply the fishing community with high quality wire at an affordable price. Please feel free to drop us a line or visit us on Facebook and always send pictures of your next Big Catch to